Be. A. Damn. Storm.

“Don’t let the lessons, the experiences of the past, dampen your enthusiasm for beginnings.”

– Melody Beattie

“Our job is not so much to go from here to there, but to wake up to own our current reality. To see it. To feel it. Accept it. Then take action to start living the life we dream of living. One breath, one step, one day at a time. Not later. Not tomorrow. But today. Right now.”

– Jonathan fields


If I could go back and talk to myself one year ago from today what would I say? Well, I think it would look like this…

“Heaven, you are going to experience the most whirlwind of a year and it will not be what you want, but I promise you it is what you so desperately need. You will soon see how much of a fighter you really are, and your voice is important so when you find it do not be afraid to use it. 2018 is going to reveal to you everything and more that you are and what you stand for. This year will be good and bad, but do not be discouraged when the bad times come. Just always look up. Let those who want to leave go, and when loss strikes you just need to pray and pray and pray. The pain you will encounter is only temporary and who you are becoming is a beautiful storm.”

Now what would you tell yourself?

It is an odd thing to think about what you would tell your past self, but I believe our weaknesses and insecurities from this past year are revealed through this act, and by exposing them I truly believe we can use this to thrive in 2019. So with about a week until New Years I believe this is the ideal time to put true effort and thought into what you want out of this upcoming year. You and I can reflect, release, and grow.

R e f l e c t

On a scratch piece of paper I listed the good, the bad, and the growth from this past year. By doing this I was able to visually see who I was when I began 2018 and more importantly see who I am now as I end it. What I discovered is that I had written repeatedly all over my paper the word “deserve.” This word will be an anchor for me in the new year because this year showed me my worth. It showed me what my standards and my expectations are for myself and for those I let close to me. Not only do I see my worth, but I see what the people who I dearly love deserve as well. This isn’t what we deserve in materialistic things, but more in love, happiness, freedom, calmness, and joy. I realize how much I have changed this year, and I am thankful that I can say I am grateful for it. This blog being made is just one of many examples of how this year has changed me, and I realize I deserve to experience all the joy and love this world has to offer. And do you want to know something…

You do too.

R e l e a s e

The best way I can describe what “release” means to me is by asking you one simple question. Where is your energy going? Now truly be honest with yourself if where your energy is going is negative. Being able to recognize the positives and negatives of your life is essential to maintaining a healthy life. There is no secret to releasing anything, but you must find a way in order to move forward into this new year. It allows you to release the weight and truly be grateful for the good of this past year. Do not be ashamed of releasing what isn’t positive in your life because at the end of it all your happiness is what matters. Each and every one of you deserve to be vibrant and joyful, so release the ugly, and choose happy.

I’m going to be completely transparent and say that this is the first year where I have felt as though I absolutely cannot wait to release a year. This is the first year where I have actually had to release hatred from my heart, doubts from mind, and emptiness from my soul. This year has been quite the downhill fall but my uphill battle has been nothing but incredible and soul surrendering. I know the 2018 pain has prepared me for a beautiful 2019. With a grateful heart I can graciously say I am ready for a new beginning, and to grow into who I am meant to be.

G r o w

You have the freedom to create anything you want out of 2019. Just think about that. You have the ability to plant yourself and bloom into the most glorious version of you. Just envision that. View the closing of this door as an opportunity, and boldly open the door to 2019. When you open it I ask each and every one of you that you do not run to your comfort, but instead run to what scares you and what causes you uncertainty. Inspiring and truthful growth is only found when you step out of your comfort zone, so embrace your fears, and welcome them as your friend instead. Be intentional in all you do. Love intentionally. Forgive intentionally. Listen intentionally. Grow intentionally. This year I pray that your growth is a mixture of new beginnings and hidden gems inside you that come to the surface. Always remember your growth isn’t a destination, but in 2019 remember each day is an opportunity to live in a way you never have before. By doing so I know you will evolve into the most beautiful storm.

S t o r m

Through all of the chaos from this year I had a moment where I truly thought my life had turned into a storm. I felt my life was dark and grey but then I realized that instead of being in a storm I would choose to be the storm. I took control of my fears and my pain and soon became fierce, empowering, and intentional. That to me is the definition of a storm. I firmly believe we are all a storm in our own unique way, but you have to decide to be one. I chose to be a storm, and I full heartedly can say “I am a storm” with all of my conviction. For me it has created a strong and unstoppable mindset. This mentality will be with me as I take on 2019, for I will shake grounds and engulf those I love and know with all of my love and encouragement. What is your definition of a storm and are you that? If not let the passive part of you go and be resilient and find that unbreakable you. It is easier said than done but I have faith that 2019 will be an uproar of storms taking on the world to spread love. So step into 2019 a world changer. Be. A. Damn. Storm.

As this is my fourth and last blog of the 2018 year I wanted to say thank you for the love and support. 2018 brought me this blog that I so dearly love, and I cannot wait to see what there is to write down in 2019.

I will see y’all in the New Year

All my love


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