An open letter to my mom on her birthday

Happy birthday mom. The best way I know to tell you happy birthday is with my words…so here it is!


I think everyone has varying definitions of the word “mom” based off of their own mother, their experiences, and the relationship. So let me just tell you the definition of mom that I have gained over 21 years.

Mom- the creator and builder of who I am and the foundation I now have. The woman who picks me up when I’m low, and cheers me on when I’m high. The one person who knows me better than I know myself. The woman who showed me to go after what I want regardless of anything that may stop me, and to believe in myself always. That is what mom means to me.

In Awe Of You

I am 21 right now and what I can’t imagine doing is being a mother of a three year old, working, getting my education, being a wife, and somehow managing all of this when i can barely handle my schoolwork alone. I can’t imagine being able to sacrifice time for my family, and having to fight selfish feelings. I can’t imagine pursuing what I love when I am so tired. That right there is what you did. I can only hope to be half the amazing mom you are, and that I can be just as strong in who I am just as you are.

Thank You

You have taught me to love others, to be strong in who I am, have compassion, be crazy when necessary, and most importantly you have shown me what it means to be a resilient woman and to live with purpose. I see how hard you work to be good at what you do, and how you envision and then work for a better education experience. I am an empowered soul because I was raised by one empowered woman.

I Love You

You have given me life and sacrificed so much for me and the family. So on a day like today you deserve the world and more. I hope today on your birthday you feel how much you are loved, and know that to celebrate you is so easy and an honor. I wish I could be there with you but know I am sending lots of love and birthday wishes from Ames, Iowa.

To be loved by you is a God given blessing.

Happy 29th birthday mom


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